The Hull Sailing Club socials will be at 8pm on the last Friday of the month in the Snug Bar at the Whittington and Cat.  All members and friends are welcome.

The program of events for 2018 below:

Events Program 2018



Friday March 30th Social at Whittington & Cat @ 2000

Workshop on Updating Paper Charts

Bring your Laptop/Tablet and Chart(s)




Saturday 14th April – Cruise to Spurn With Forte Knot Challenge !

Either attain a speed of forty knots for forty minutes!!! Or sail exactly 40 nautical miles (DoG) from start at buoy 26 to finish at buoy 26.

Pen out by 0900 First pen in 1523 (HW0618 & 1823)

Afterwards in Whittington & Cat


Friday 27th April – Social at Whittington & Cat @ 2000



Bank Holiday


Friday 25th May – Social at Whittington & Cat @ 2000


Saturday 26th May –Cruise to Wells next the Sea

Depart 0600 Hull – Arrive Wells by 1730 (HW 1733)

Weekend in Wells


Monday 28th May Cruise back to Hull

Depart 0600 Wells (HW 0640) Arrive Hull HW1837




Saturday 16th June Cruise to Tetney Haven/ Haile Fort

Depart Hull at 0900 (HW 0848)

Anchor at Haile Sand Fort

Run ashore with inflatable—Beach day—BBQ

From 1900 explore Tetney Haven (HW Bull 2040)

Remain at anchor thro night

Or Cruise up to Grimsby for night at HCA

Sunday 17th June

Depart Tetney / Haile / Grimsby 0900 ( HW 0856)

Sail out to Rosse Spit

Return to Hull for first pen 1900 ( HW 2206)




Friday 29th June- Social at Whittington & Cat @ 2000




Saturday 7th July – Grand Regatta Hull

Yacht & Motor Boat Events

Meet at B pontoon by 1000 – Sign on and Instructions

1st Race/Event start at 1100 – HW 1322

Pen in by 1622


1700 Evening Pirate Party @ Whittington & Cat

Dress like a Pirate or Talk like a Pirate Prizes

Food with Ticket from 1900


Sunday 8th July – Grand Regatta Hull

Meet at B pontoon by 1100 – Sign on and Instructions

2nd Race start at 1200 – HW 1433

Afterwards at Whittington & Cat

Results & Prize giving @ 1700


Friday 27th July Social at Whittington & Cat @ 2000




Saturday 18th August – Cruise to Apex & The Trent

Depart Hull 0900 (HW1202)

Recommend you have an Upper River Chart

Barton Haven to Burton Stather

Return to Hull pen in by 1500

Afterwards at Whittington & Cat


Friday 31st Social at Whittington & Cat @ 2000




Sunday 2nd September—Upriver event

Meet at B pontoon by 0800

Pen out by 0830 (HW 1115)

Pen in by 1415

Afterwards at Whittington & Cat




Friday 28th September Social at Whittington & Cat @ 2000




Friday 26th October Social at Whittington & Cat @ 2000




Friday 30th November Social at Whittington & Cat @ 2000




Xmas Dinner   Venue TBC




Parking @ Whittington & Cat for Socials or after Sailing Events

HSC members are allowed to park in the Kingston Retail Park behind the Pub, for longer than two hours, without charges.


you give your Car Registration to the person behind the Bar.



Join the events and test your Navigation & Sailing skills.  How good are you at predicting your speed in different wind conditions and getting the best from the tide and your boat?  Come on down and have a go!