Following an inspection of the Marina lock gates it has been concluded this morning that the swivel pin support bracket bolts have sheered and that this could not have been foreseen during our regular maintenance checks.

We are in the process of fast-tracking the appointment of specialist engineers to work on repairing the lock gates as soon as possible.

The stop logs (cotter dam seals) will be worked on and set in place on the 3rd – 4th of May (Wednesday-Thursday) and works on repairing and improving the bracket pins will commence on the Friday the 5th of May.

Prior to this work commencing the inner lock gates will be set open allowing for us to grant a free flow lock out on the first tide on the 1st of May (Monday) for any vessels who wish to exit the marina until the work is complete.  We will provide a window of one hour either side of HW which equates to 0932-1132. 

We are doing our very best to ensure these works are done as quickly as possible but due to the specialist works required it is estimated it may take two to three weeks.


April Social is on the 28th April 2017, 8pm at the Minerva, all welcome.

The Club was formed in 1968 and has a reputation for running interesting and entertaining cruises with the odd race with the emphasis on entertaining and fun.

We have regular socials in the Minerva Pub on the Marina every last Wednesday of the month and just starting the Friday evening before any planned cruise.  New members are welcome to join us.

Join the events and test your Navigation & Sailing skills.  How good are you at predicting your speed in different wind conditions and getting the best from the tide and your boat?  Come on down and have a go!